Zero Star

Eons ago I somehow acquired songs by a band called Zero Star. At least, that’s what the folder on my computer is labeled. There’s a good chance that I made it up; I believe I acquired it during my Smashing Pumpkins days. Anyway, over the years I’ve dedicated time that has probably accumulated to hours trying to track down anything about this band, only to come up empty handed.

Song titles by the enigmatic Zero Star:

Age of Apocalypse, Good Mornight, Journey of Worth, Learn, Like What You Feel, Positivity, So Hollow, Wean, Wean Off You, Wished While Burned, 6th Door, Casualty, Crossed Reference, To The Inside

These songs are pretty rough and raw. The singer has a rather raspy voice, and by the instrument echoes, almost all of them sound like demos. But 10+ years later, I still find myself interested in learning about the members of this band, who they are and what happened to them. Do they still make tunes? If anyone out there has any leads, I’d greatly appreciate the tips.

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