The Smithereens – Blood And Roses

I love the bass line in this song, and it’s been coming up on shuffle in Spotify a lot lately. The lyrics are the perfect mix of pretty and pretty depressing.

A story about fake blood: Some number of years ago, I had just gotten out of a shitty relationship and was looking for ways to occupy my open schedule. I signed up to be an actor for the haunted houses that pop up at Blossom Music Center each September.

During the first day of tryouts, I was told I would be running in the woods as a zombie. Some happy go lucky girl with pigtails and a kid at home decked out my face to dead girl mode inside of a cramped changing room. She asked me if we could car pool each weekend.

Outside, a guy named Travis with a green face, glasses and spiky hair started talking to me about how I looked like his friend. He then proceeded to drink a Dixie cup of blood, swish it around in his mouth, and spit it all over my face and costume.

By the time the night was over, my favorite Etnies shoes were destroyed from mud and the chewing tobacco that people kept spitting into the field. I was creepily hit on by almost every single dude: one of them was nice enough to tell me that one of them had told the rest of them that he was “planning to fuck” me. It was rainy, my hair was a rats nest, and I never saw the money I was supposed to get for attending tryouts.

It was a piss ass weird night.

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