Goo Goo Dolls – Dizzy Up The Girl

The first band I ever truly cared for was Goo Goo Dolls. They also headlined my first true concert. Dizzy Up The Girl is a fantastic record, home to a variety of my favorites – Acoustic #3, Broadway, Dizzy, Slide, January Friend, Black Balloon, Iris – I could probably list all 13 songs, but I won’t.

One of my favorite live albums is the one where they played in Buffalo, their hometown, released in 2004. It rained during the set, and Johnny Rzeznik, Robby Takac and former drummer Mike Malinin were really cool about it all (and even came out with acoustic guitars during the downpour to play an incredible version of Two Days In February). In every piece I have ever seen them in – from documentaries on the band to that show where Rzeznik redesigned a fan’s living room – these three always seem to be genuinely nice.

I’d love to know the story behind the original artwork for Dizzy Up The Girl. Who is she, how did they choose her, is this really her room, ect. I love her dress, expression and the pink socks. In my version of this cover, the window is enlarged, the wallpaper is all wrong, my face isn’t pretty, the dress doesn’t have the cool bird pattern – it’s meant to look like a weird dream state, and I think it comes across.

Disclaimer: Every piece of music-inspired artwork on this site is an original new creation. I am not affiliated with nor do I own the rights to any of the Original music artwork that has inspired me to create the new artwork found on this site.

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AFI – Love Like Winter

Today I photographed smoke for the first time, and had a blast doing it. It only took a few camera clicks to achieve the result I was looking for. Another AFI-inspired image, this is me playing off the line “She exhales vanilla lace” from the song Love Like Winter.

At one of the AFI shows I’ve attended, my friend purchased a wicked awesome shirt with one of the band member’s faces on the front. “I TASTE OF BLOOD” was on the back. Me, I wound up buying a hoodie featuring the Decemberunderground rabbits. While I adore all animals, I’ve always found rabbits to be creepy, and I’m still amazed that I wore that thing as much as I did.

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AFI – Greater Than 84

I’ve been listening to AFI all week, ever since I discovered the commentary for Burials. For this image I was inspired by the track Greater Than 84. In the commentary, the band describes this song as one of the two pop songs on the album, the rest of which one member describes as “misery.” I find the bridge in this song beautiful, like I do with many AFI bridges. To me bridges can make or break a song, and these guys get them right more than most.

Will you hold my hand as we count down the hours?
Standing beneath the meteor showers

The first concert I attended with friends starred AFI. I remember us near the front of the stage, piled into the little Cleveland venue like sardines. It was so hot, sticky and sweaty that the crew squirted us with hoses before it started. I think I discovered around 15 bruises up and down my body the next day.

I’ve seen A Fire Inside twice since, and am always impressed by the dedicated fan base. Listening to the commentary has made me appreciate this group even more, and I’d love it if they released a commentary for The Art of Drowning and Sing The Sorrow.

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Whitey – Great Shakes Volume 1

Last night I ran out to my local thrift store to grab a suit 10 minutes before they closed. I knew I was going to be making a post on The Velvet Underground today, and it only felt fitting to publish a Whitey post on the same day.

Just hours after the passing of Lou Reed, Whitey composed and released a cover of Waves Of Fear, along with a story of the writing process and how much Reed means to him. His words are so incredibly real, raw and well-written, and the song is amazingly, beautifully haunting. I listened to Waves Of Fear multiple times every day for weeks after it was released.

Whitey’s cover blew me away. I deeply admire his honesty and how he chose to share it with the world.

Regarding my Whitey-inspired image, I had never worn a mens suit before, and found it pleasantly comfortable.

Disclaimer: Every piece of music-inspired artwork on this site is an original new creation. I am not affiliated with nor do I own the rights to any of the Original music artwork that has inspired me to create the new artwork found on this site.

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Banana Art

educational banana pop art

I had fun with the banana for my Velvet Underground post, so I made some more art featuring bananas. I basically multiplied the bananas to make them look fun and free. The banana, minus the tomato, has always been my favorite fruit, and they are pretty much a super food. And they seriously float in water. If I ever find myself on a deserted island my first thought will be: I hope banana plants are a native species.

Some interesting facts about bananas, courtesy of the Chiquita Banana site:

a. Banana plants are the world’s largest perennial herb
b. Edible bananas are technically berries
c. Banana plant roots can live for hundreds of years
d. One banana is called a finger, and a bunch of bananas is called a hand
e. Once a man in India ate 81 bananas in a half hour
g. The Washington Banana Museum is a thing, let’s go!

Rubbing a mosquito bite with the inside of a banana can help reduce the itchiness. Just another reason why bananas are my top pick for this deserted island.

One other unique thing I found while researching this fruit: Bananas are said to be bad luck on fishing boats, a superstition that dates back to the 1700s. I chuckled at this, since they are one of the few fruits that can float. Can you imagine tossing something overboard that scared you, only to have it rise from the depths, follow and haunt you throughout the rest of your trip?

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