Battle Tapes – Solid Gold EP

Today Battle Tapes released a 5-track EP today of their amazing song Solid Gold, featuring Party Nails. Here are my thoughts on each remix.

  1. Solid Gold (feat. Party Nails) – The original, impressive, and all around stunning track that had me hooked upon first listen.
  2. Solid Gold (feat. Party Nails) Battle Tapes Remix 01 – There’s some really great guy/girl voice layering going on. The bridge is incredible, as is to be expected. This is probably my favorite remix of the 4. I’ve been listening to it on repeat for the past 30 minutes.
  3. Solid Gold (feat. Party Nails) Battle Tapes Remix 02 – The bass beats in this version will make you want to hail a cab and get your rave on. It’s like a dance party in your own head and I see so many movies being made in the future with the main character dancing to this piece of brilliant composing. Oh, and the bridge-y part starting at 1:50-ish is still nothing short of prodigious.
  4. Solid Gold (feat. Party Nails) Story of the Running Wolf Remix – Baby baby baby, Please please please. This remix utilizes many fun techno beats; I can totally see myself running to this. It’s dance party city, and the bells? at 2:22 just kill me and make me crave the winter holidays. This remix builds up in the bridge in a fantastic way… and then we are greeted with more bells! Instant adoration for something so smart and well done.
  5. Solid Gold (feat. Party Nails) The Beta Machine Remix – This remix takes Solid Gold to new rock ‘n’ roll heights with the music involved. It gives the track a completely different feel – the vocals mixed with the heavy instruments make the song almost feel angry – well maybe not angry, but definitely darker then the other versions. At around 2:32 the instruments go into what I can only describe as a spiral effect, and then from there on the instruments get even more weird and dark. And of course, the bridge is incredible. A great way to polish off a masterful EP.

Not to sound like the broken record I am, but the titles of each describes each track. Solid. Effing. Gold. All four remixes are beautiful in their own ways.

According to the Party Nails Instagram account, Solid Gold was featured in the latest episode of Girls. Congrats to all involved! And get ready to have your inboxes blown up, my number 3 and 4 top favorite bands of all time.

I’m waiting with anticipation to see which number of the limited 200 run of CDs I’ll get. I was 41/100 with the run of limited edition Polygon LPs. Eep!

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Zero Star

Eons ago I somehow acquired songs by a band called Zero Star. At least, that’s what the folder on my computer is labeled. There’s a good chance that I made it up; I believe I acquired it during my Smashing Pumpkins days. Anyway, over the years I’ve dedicated time that has probably accumulated to hours trying to track down anything about this band, only to come up empty handed.

Song titles by the enigmatic Zero Star:

Age of Apocalypse, Good Mornight, Journey of Worth, Learn, Like What You Feel, Positivity, So Hollow, Wean, Wean Off You, Wished While Burned, 6th Door, Casualty, Crossed Reference, To The Inside

These songs are pretty rough and raw. The singer has a rather raspy voice, and by the instrument echoes, almost all of them sound like demos. But 10+ years later, I still find myself interested in learning about the members of this band, who they are and what happened to them. Do they still make tunes? If anyone out there has any leads, I’d greatly appreciate the tips.

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The Sugar Migration – Leave No Trace

I had an inkling to listen to some Sugar Migration today, and lo and behold, I had the delightful experience of finding a newly released EP!

I came across The Sugar Migration a few years ago while re-watching my favorite Gossip Girl episodes. Just so happens the episode Circles plays in revolves around my favorite character, Chuck.

So upon hearing Circles blasting in the over-the-top New York club, I dived into the self-titled The Sugar Migration EP. I loved it all, save for The Laboratory song. Just way too sad/depressing sounding for my tastes.

But, this! This new four-track EP, Leave No Trace, released 10 years after the other one! All four songs are sophisticated, catchy, and plain fantastic!

It starts off with Burning Man (Burn It Down) – it’s heavy acoustic-guitar-sounding, and I think that the ups and downs are in just the right places.

The second song has to be my favorite. It Never Rains In LA….

Don’t say it’s gray today
It’s never gonna rain in LA
Just say okay
Cause here I’m gonna do it today
No way it’s gray
It’s never gonna rain in LA
Just say okay
Cause here I’m gonna do it my way

It’s sooooooo good. And there are so many things great about LA. Aside from the (lack of) rain, there’s Battle Tapes, Party Nails, LA Hallucinations (have those a lot – here’s lookin’ at you, Carly Rae), the general location for the filming of Face Off… just so many good things about that city! But, anyway.

The third track, Armageddon’s Right, has a familiar feel that stems from some of the tunes on the original EP. It’s a really cool, pretty, mellow-y tune. I just love the vocals.

The last song, Long Way Back From Hell, is a nod to the Danzig song. I really like what’s going on with the instruments – pretty neat to hear an acoustic take on the track.

I mixed some sugar with food coloring to achieve my own weird version of a sugar migration.

To sum it up, Bravo to band lead Lou Caiola Jr. and The Sugar Migration. 10 years later you continue to make sweet tunes!

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Ghost – Black To The Future Tour (Stage AE)

Ghost – Black To The Future Tour – Live at Stage AE, 9-25-2015

I’ve waited quite a while to write up a Ghost post. I first discovered Ghost when a friend posted a youtube version of Year Zero on Facebook. Judging from the caption he was making fun of the song, but I thought it was pretty good, so I dived into their discography and found that I enjoyed a hell of a lot of their stuff. Pun taken for what it is.

Walking into Stage AE that night was like walking into the Dauntless headquarters in the world of the Divergent trilogy. Every soul was dressed in black, and Stage AE apparently keeps it pretty dark light-wise for indoor shows which was fitting. The crowd was the friendliest; I went alone and ended up making more friends than I had at any other previous solo-attended concert.

Ghost put on the most theatrical performance I’ve seen to date. To my absolute delight, one of their songs (I believe it was the encore closer, Monstrance Clock) featured candelabrums on stage and it looked like something straight out of Disney’s The Haunted Mansion ride.

They played my absolute favorite Ghost song, If You Have Ghost. Along with a whole slew of my other favorites. And while I don’t remember much of what he said, I do remember Papa Emeritus III being very soft-spoken, asking the audience many questions, and being extremely polite. And the Nameless Ghouls rocked the house down, taking us black to the future.

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