Happy Birthday Trent Reznor

I got into Nine Inch Nails in the 8th grade when I heard Johnny Cash’s cover of Hurt on 89X. As I ran over to hit record on the radio, my sister told me that the song was originally by NIN. From there I dived into The Downward Spiral, Pretty Hate Machine, The Fragile and Broken. I soon became borderline obsessive and had to own every Halo, bootleg and live recording I could get my hands on.

The audio clip (Non-Entity) is from the very first NIN show I attended, the With Teeth tour at the DTE Energy Music Theatre in Michigan. I went with my friend Cory who loves them almost as much as me. We bought tickets at the venue, on the day of, and wound up near the middle of the THIRD row. It was an incredible show to say the least.

As many other people will tell you, there is nothing like a live NIN show. I’ve been lucky enough to see them 7 times, but it’s no where near enough.

There are few things in life I wouldn’t and couldn’t live without. Trent’s music is one of them.

Happy 50th birthday, my favorite musician.

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