Ghost – Black To The Future Tour (Stage AE)

Ghost – Black To The Future Tour – Live at Stage AE, 9-25-2015

I’ve waited quite a while to write up a Ghost post. I first discovered Ghost when a friend posted a youtube version of Year Zero on Facebook. Judging from the caption he was making fun of the song, but I thought it was pretty good, so I dived into their discography and found that I enjoyed a hell of a lot of their stuff. Pun taken for what it is.

Walking into Stage AE that night was like walking into the Dauntless headquarters in the world of the Divergent trilogy. Every soul was dressed in black, and Stage AE apparently keeps it pretty dark light-wise for indoor shows which was fitting. The crowd was the friendliest; I went alone and ended up making more friends than I had at any other previous solo-attended concert.

Ghost put on the most theatrical performance I’ve seen to date. To my absolute delight, one of their songs (I believe it was the encore closer, Monstrance Clock) featured candelabrums on stage and it looked like something straight out of Disney’s The Haunted Mansion ride.

They played my absolute favorite Ghost song, If You Have Ghost. Along with a whole slew of my other favorites. And while I don’t remember much of what he said, I do remember Papa Emeritus III being very soft-spoken, asking the audience many questions, and being extremely polite. And the Nameless Ghouls rocked the house down, taking us black to the future.

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