Escape The Fate (The Outpost)

Escape The Fate – Highway To Hell Yeah Tour – Live at The Outpost, 4-28-2016

I’ve never consciously listened to Escape The Fate until about three hours before attending this show. My buddy Royce and I arrived around 10, a few minutes before ETF took the stage. We were two of maybe 30 people without Xs on our hands; the crowd was a young one, and we both felt a bit out of place. I honestly wasn’t expecting much. To my delight I walked away surprised.

Young crowds are fun crowds. The members of Escape The Fate interacted with the audience so much, I don’t think they could have thrown more gratitude toward their adoring fans if they tried. Unusual for us, Royce and I watched from the back of the venue┬áinstead of the front. I wish The Outpost had an upstairs so I could have watched all the mosh pits from above.

My favorite things about the energetic members of Escape The Fate:

  • Taking a huge group photo with the opening bands and the audience
  • The lead singer hanging upside down from The Outpost rafters
  • Requesting all the girls in the crowd to get on the shoulders of a guy
  • Making fun of the guys without girls on their shoulders
  • Dividing the crowd in two, then videotaping a huge mosh pit breakout when they yelled go
  • Anime hair on one of the guitarists
  • The Mot├Ârhead shirt on the lead singer
  • Genuine thanks that the show brought in such a good turnout

I didn’t get there early enough to see American Wolves or Get Scared, but all three bands on the Highway To Hell Yeah Tour are comprised of super nice, sweet people who were taking questions, allowing photos and handing out free stuff in the merch booth after the show.

The Outpost was the last stop on this tour, but did headliner Escape The Fate show any signs of wear and tear? A big fat highway to hell no way.

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