Econoline Crush – Surefire: The Best of

I discovered this band last week, and have since dived into all of their releases. My personal ‘Best of’ would include Surefire, I’m Afraid, Stay With Me, T.D.M., You Don’t Know What It’s Like, All That You Are, and tons of others.

Econoline Crush is based in Vancouver. Apart from Nine Inch Nails or Oasis, right now there isn’t another band I’d rather see in concert more than these guys. The chorus in each song is pure awesome and I’d love to hear them at a live show.

On the real cover for Surefire: The Best of Econoline Crush, the bullets are long, pointed and silver. I know these rounded gold ones look puny in comparison, but they are the only bullets I had on hand.

Disclaimer: Every piece of music-inspired artwork on this site is an original new creation. I am not affiliated with nor do I own the rights to any of the Original music artwork that has inspired me to create the new artwork found on this site.

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