Game of Bands

So today I’m on reddit, and I see this ad on the side for GameOfBands, reddit’s longest running songwriting competition. I click it and read the greeter post, and the steps involved, and all of the rules and regulations are novel long and I don’t see myself joining the club as a songwriter. But I fall in love with the very first track I click, Broken Walls by scottpontiac, skerry1 and abyssmalstar. The theme for Round 98 is Stolen, and it looks like all the lyrics and music transpired from other songs.

It’s not the best song in the world. It has parts cut together, sloppily woven riffs and I’ve heard much better mashups, but it’s good for a two week deadline. In fact, it’s incredible for a two week deadline. It’s the imperfections that make it so freaking good. The point is, it’s like stepping back into my Myspace days of Zero Star and finding bands and music and raw talent I never would have found any other way. That’s what it’s all about.

Today was a good day.

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Zero Star

Eons ago I somehow acquired songs by a band called Zero Star. At least, that’s what the folder on my computer is labeled. There’s a good chance that I made it up; I believe I acquired it during my Smashing Pumpkins days. Anyway, over the years I’ve dedicated time that has probably accumulated to hours trying to track down anything about this band, only to come up empty handed.

Song titles by the enigmatic Zero Star:

Age of Apocalypse, Good Mornight, Journey of Worth, Learn, Like What You Feel, Positivity, So Hollow, Wean, Wean Off You, Wished While Burned, 6th Door, Casualty, Crossed Reference, To The Inside

These songs are pretty rough and raw. The singer has a rather raspy voice, and by the instrument echoes, almost all of them sound like demos. But 10+ years later, I still find myself interested in learning about the members of this band, who they are and what happened to them. Do they still make tunes? If anyone out there has any leads, I’d greatly appreciate the tips.

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EVE 6 – EVE 6

I get to see one of my favorite bands tomorrow. I’ve loved EVE 6 ever since I heard Small Town Trap. Personal favorites include Sunset Strip Bitch, Promise, Tongue Tied, Open Road Song, Curtain, Nocturnal, Hey Montana, Hokis, Rescue, Girl Eyes, Think Twice, Inside Out, B.F.G.F…. and the list goes on.

EVE 6 landed a record deal before they were out of high school. How many bands can say that?  Here are some memories of each release.

1998: The inaugural self-titled EVE 6 with the fly on the cover. I remember my sister coming home from a show with the line “tie me to the bedpost” on the front. Inside Out no doubt is a fantastic song, but Small Town Trap got me hooked. I remember asking myself over and over again, Why a fly? My friend got me a glass fly for Christmas one year. It eventually got a broken leg and I’m kicking myself right now for having pitched it. I also was always confused as to why he was mad he found a dime in his couch. Woe was definitely me.

2000: Two years later these guys released Horrorscope, which is in my opinion one of the best LPs ever created. It features a tough-looking punk rock chick and sports lyrics like “I spit and stutter stuff and clutter worries in my worry corner.” Each song just oozes HEY! I AM THE GREATEST ALTERNATIVE ROCK ANTHEM EVER AND THIS IS WHY. I would shell out major bucks to hear this entire album performed live.

2003: The action figure clad It’s All In Your Head boasts one of the best and most annoying songs of all time, Hey Montana. It literally can take hours for this song to get out of my head. I love it all the same.

2012: Today I let the commentary for Speak In Code, the latest EVE 6 record, fill my headphones. The idea for the first track, Curtain, was apparently written as a message from Noel to Liam Gallagher. Needless to say my jaw dropped and I had to replay the track a million times to make sure I was hearing it right.

For this fan art I made a colorful take on a drawing found inside the booklet of their first album. I created a crayon fire, warded off curious cats, and realized I Suck at making paper planes.

Here’s to hoping some of my favs make it on tomorrow’s setlist. I can’t wait to see these dudes jam. And I also must mention that I’m extremely looking forward to the Better Than Ezra set. BTE happens to have written one of my favorite love songs of all time, Misunderstood. Fingers crossed.

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Junior Prom – Cheap Thrills

Sometimes the best lyrics are the ones you think you hear. Case: Junior Prom’s song Cheap Thrills. Every lyric website I visit gives me completely different ones for my favorite verse that I just don’t hear.

My ears:

Give it up, give it out
Now you’re slumming with the saints
Breaking hearts in San Diego
Some will come, most will go
Love is hell and so is you*
If you want some existential truth
If it all comes crashing down
Better lost than always found

The Official Lyric Video clearly wants you to know what the original lyrics are for this. Check out 1:13 in. What do you hear?

*I sing and lip sync this as Love is hell and so are you

Disclaimer: Every piece of music-inspired artwork on this site is an original new creation. I am not affiliated with nor do I own the rights to any of the Original music artwork that has inspired me to create the new artwork found on this site.

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