Battle Tapes and Party Nails – Polygon

Today marks the release I’ve been waiting for all year. Los Angeles band Battle Tapes created a solid gold brick of musical genius and I’m happy to report that almost every song has my brain begging the rest of me to jump up and dance.

Polygon consists of 8 tracks that, from this day forward, I won’t be able to live without. The debut release actually consist of 10 tracks, but Feel The Same and a snippet of Mulholland appeared on the 2012 EP release, Sweatshop Boys. I fucking adore these 10 tracks, and the way they ordered them couldn’t be better.

Track 3, Solid Gold, features singer Elana Belle Carroll of Party Nails. Battle Tapes has been promoting the music of this extremely talented singer for a while now, and her singles Break and No Pressure are seriously some of the best tunes I’ve heard in a very long while. I was giddy with excitement to see her name beside a Polygon track in Spotify this morning, and man does it deliver.

My favorite verse: “I only wanna be your self inflicted wound it’s easy baby the friction between me and you show me what makes you human I’ll show you vulnerable you bend you break you surrender and melt like solid gold” – Bloody Brilliant the way she sings it in the bridge.

Do your ears a favor and listen, but more importantly, support!

Battle Tapes

Party Nails

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