Band Shirts I Saw at Disney World

People wear a lot of nice things to Disney World. But when I saw my second Pink Floyd shirt during my six-day Disney trip, I knew I had to record it. What an awful thing to wear, let alone to a park where the images taken will probably last a lifetime. So I bought a notebook from China in Epcot and began tallying every band shirt I saw.

My expectations were low, and rightly so. Too many Floyd shirts can make a girl shudder, even in the Florida sun. I started marking down Pikachu shirts to make myself feel better. And then, I came upon a guy sporting a shirt for my favorite band.

I met Colby during my last day at Disney while a Magic Kingdom parade was taking place. As soon as I saw the signature ‘NIN’ shining in the dark, I bounded over to him and exclaimed my happiness. I was wearing my Figment hat with my Figment shirt; I probably looked a bit loony, but we had a small conversation and he graciously allowed me to photograph the moment.

Which brings me to another note for today’s post: In case you’ve been wondering, my favorite band in the entire universe is Nine Inch Nails. Friends who read this blog keep asking when NIN posts will be surfacing. The truth is, I’m extremely nervous to reinterpret the work of my favorite musician. If I’m going to post anything Trent related, it has to be great.

Here’s the image I snapped of Colby (wish I had taken more than one) along with my tallies.

Totals for the trip, in ABC order:

  • 5 Seconds of Summer – 1
  • AC/DC – 1
  • A Day To Remember – 2
  • Alkaline Trio – 1
  • Arcade Fire – 1
  • The Beatles – 3
  • Blink-182 (concert shirt from the Honda Civic tour) – 1
  • Bob Marley – 5
  • David Bowie – 1
  • Fall Out Boy – 1
  • Grateful Dead – 1
  • Hall & Oates – 1
  • Maroon 5 – 1
  • My Chemical Romance – 4
  • NIN – 1
  • Nirvana – 2
  • Panic! At The Disco – 1
  • Phish – 1
  • Pink Floyd – 5
  • The Police (a hat) – 1
  • Ramones – 1
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers – 1
  • The Rolling Stones – 1
  • Taylor Swift – 1

P.S. My apologies to fans: I realize that I didn’t spell Oates correctly on paper! I’ll never make that mistake again.

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