American Hi-Fi – American Hi-Fi

I love that this album cover features a tape. Back in the day, whenever a song I liked came on 89X, I’d run over and hit Record on my sister’s radio. I had quite the pile of mix tapes. In a way, I really miss them. There was way more fun hard work involved in it than creating a mixed CD.

American Hi-Fi put out their 5th album last year, Blood & Lemonade, which I’ve been listening to a lot lately. They also debuted a new website last year… but I must say I’m not happy with it. It freaking doesn’t feature any of their old music, hasn’t had new News since September, and their ‘Store’ doesn’t have any actual band merch. However, their lackluster website did let me know that they are touring this summer. Which is exciting! Hopefully a girl can buy a shirt at a gig…

Favorites off their self-titled debut include I’m A Fool, My Only Enemy, Surround, Blue Day, A Bigger Mood, Hi-Fi Killer, and Flavor of the Weak.

Flavor of the Weak has to be one of the best relationship songs in the history of the world.

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