TV On The Radio (Newport Music Hall)

TV On The Radio – Live at Newport Music Hall, 5-15-2015

Yesterday I attended my first ever solo concert. The Newport Music Hall is one of my favorite venues, if not my favorite. I love how small it is, how dark it is, and that there is an upstairs. I had a blast and a half and going alone to see my favorite bands will definitely be happening again.

I’ve added DLZ and the Staring At The Sun encore for your listening enjoyment. These were recorded on an ancient Sony voice recorder, so they are a little rough.

Highlights from this show include:

  • Hearing them open with Young Liars and close with Staring At The Sun (both in my top 5 TVOTR songs)
  • Seeing wind chimes on the neck of a guitar
  • Falling in love with the bearded guitarist who kept jumping with both feet
  • Purchasing the worst well drink I’ve ever had
  • Dancing to Wolf Like Me
  • Seeing people mosh to TV On The Radio
  • Walking from High to Summit and having a guy in a van pull over and vomit in front of me three times. I asked him if he was okay and offered to throw my water over it so no one would see. Why? I have no idea.

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