BRMC with The Duke Spirit (Frankie’s)

BRMC with The Duke Spirit – Live at Frankie’s, 4-17-2008

A few weeks ago, I went through all of the forgotten sound clips on my phone. My heart about stopped when I came upon a live recording of Fault Line from the first BRMC show I attended.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with The Duke Spirit at Frankie’s Inner City in Toledo, Ohio

If you’ve never been to Frankie’s, imagine a dark, dank bar with a small stage on one side – a venue that has character and one that the locals flock to. I was in the building for sound check, and I remember Liela Moss from The Duke Spirit practicing Dark Is Light Enough. She said she had a bit of a cold, but it sounded fantastic anyway.

The BRMC set was a low-lit, hazy affair. It was easy to see that the venue was full of people who truly loved the music. Fault Line is the only song I recorded, and while I’m lucky to have a recording at all, I really wish I had caught the first verse.

It was also on this night that I had my first kiss that actually mattered. It involved Blake and I sitting on a big desk at 4 a.m., doodling shapes on printer paper in the computer lab of our hotel. It was a whirlwind romance that quickly died and left me hollow.

Here are a bunch of photos I took while at this concert. I chose to not edit any of them so you can see the foggy, crowded darkness that was this show. A cool thing to notice: The posters on the wall. Exotic Birds, A Flock of Seagulls, Goo Goo Dolls, and The Smashing Pumpkins have all played here.

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BRMC – Baby 81

The harmonica has always been my favorite musical instrument, and songs like Fault Line, Shuffle Your Feet and Screaming Gun solidify how awesome the little guy can be. While Howl has been my favorite release by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the Baby 81 album cover inspired me to pull out my old acoustic and try my hand at recreating the broken look.

My favorite verse off the album:
She’s got everyone to help her on her way
She’s got everyone to help her on her way
She’s got everyone to help her on her way

Baby 81 serves as a home to some excellent tracks. I’ve seen BRMC three times live and from what I remember, amid hazy lights and tramples, these rock songs are the most delightful to dance to. Leah is a kickass drummer and I sincerely hope her recovery is going smoothly. I’ve included a photo of me in my I WANT TO BELEAH shirt.

Disclaimer: Every piece of music-inspired artwork on this site is an original new creation. I am not affiliated with nor do I own the rights to any of the Original music artwork that has inspired me to create the new artwork found on this site.

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