Sugarcult – Start Static

I had the coolest 7th grade science teacher. It seemed like every week we were doing experiments: collecting germs to see how much they would grow in a petri dish, building makeshift roller coasters with foam pipe, making toy cars roll without touching them, playing Roller Coaster Tycoon. One day we all had to bring in a food and make it in class. My best friend and I went with chocolate milkshakes. All I really remember about it is looking over at her exploding blender and cracking up. To this day we still bring it up.

What this particular experiment had to do with science, I have no idea, but one day we were all told to bring in a song. Mr. James would play us each track, and we’d write down what we thought the song was called, and who sung it. If we didn’t know, we were supposed to guess.

I spent all night debating what song to choose. I finally went with Stuck In America by Sugarcult. In class, my teacher kind of head banged to it. The track received mixed reviews, and only a handful of my classmates were able to correctly identify the song. My middle school crush enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, and that was all that mattered.

Browsing the band’s website, I came across this quote from lead guitarist Marko DeSantis: “We’ve come to realize that each album we make, each song we write, is going to be around a lot longer than any of us ever will.” Well said.

My other favorite songs off this album include Bouncing Off The Walls, You’re The One, Saying Goodbye, Daddy’s Little Defect, and Hate Every Beautiful Day.

Shout out to my friend Josh for lending me an audio cable.

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