Sugarcult – Start Static

I had the coolest 7th grade science teacher. It seemed like every week we were doing experiments: collecting germs to see how much they would grow in a petri dish, building makeshift roller coasters with foam pipe, making toy cars roll without touching them, playing Roller Coaster Tycoon. One day we all had to bring in a food and make it in class. My best friend and I went with chocolate milkshakes. All I really remember about it is looking over at her exploding blender and cracking up. To this day we still bring it up.

What this particular experiment had to do with science, I have no idea, but one day we were all told to bring in a song. Mr. James would play us each track, and we’d write down what we thought the song was called, and who sung it. If we didn’t know, we were supposed to guess.

I spent all night debating what song to choose. I finally went with Stuck In America by Sugarcult. In class, my teacher kind of head banged to it. The track received mixed reviews, and only a handful of my classmates were able to correctly identify the song. My middle school crush enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, and that was all that mattered.

Browsing the band’s website, I came across this quote from lead guitarist Marko DeSantis: “We’ve come to realize that each album we make, each song we write, is going to be around a lot longer than any of us ever will.” Well said.

My other favorite songs off this album include Bouncing Off The Walls, You’re The One, Saying Goodbye, Daddy’s Little Defect, and Hate Every Beautiful Day.

Shout out to my friend Josh for lending me an audio cable.

Disclaimer: Every piece of music-inspired artwork on this site is an original new creation. I am not affiliated with nor do I own the rights to any of the Original music artwork that has inspired me to create the new artwork found on this site.

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Veruca Salt – Eight Arms to Hold You

Growing up, this octopus-adorned Veruca Salt album was one of my favorites. To this day I put it on whenever I’m in need of an upbeat power booster. Volcano Girls, Don’t Make Me Prove It, Awesome, The Morning Sad, With David Bowie – each song off Eight Arms to Hold You oozes major girl power.

I remember trying to piece together a gigantic 3D wolf puzzle one Christmas with my sister (never finished) while listening to this album. I remember popping the white disc into my portable CD player whenever we made our monthly drives to visit my aunt in Dublin. And I remember thinking to myself, why an octopus?

After 14 years of breakup, Veruca Salt re-released their first record, American Thighs, last year. And the band decided to put together a new album to boot. Upon hearing the first new tracks – The Museum of Broken Relationships and It’s Holy – I’m eagerly anticipating its release.

Move over Victoria’s Secret. Veruca Salt will always be the world’s best VS.

I made the octopus with spaghetti and punched out a bunch of yellow stars for the starfish. Working with damp noodles was a sticky experience.

I’ve included some extra photos of the process.

Disclaimer: Every piece of music-inspired artwork on this site is an original new creation. I am not affiliated with nor do I own the rights to any of the Original music artwork that has inspired me to create the new artwork found on this site.

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Lemonade Mouth

I Love Lemonade Mouth

While no Disney Channel Original Movie can beat Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, the day I watched Lemonade Mouth, it instantly took 2nd place in the rankings, beating out a slew of favorites I’ve listed at the end.

The plot is believable, the music is killer, the main characters are the kind that mesh so well that you don’t mind that you have to keep track of 5, and I love lemonade. I listen to the soundtrack on a monthly basis and find myself gravitating towards the film whenever I want to throw on a show while crafting.

To put it flatly, before seeing this movie, I hadn’t been in love with anything Disney-related in a long time. If there’s any Lemonade Mouth merchandise when I visit Disney World this year, my bank account is totally screwed.

The fact that this film is an adaptation of a book written by Mark Peter Hughes might just be what makes it so awesome. On his Amazon account, Hughes retells the story of a Hollywood producer who called and said she was determined to make his book into a movie. His own website is a joy to explore. On it, Hughes posts fan art, reviews of his books, and answers questions from fans. He loves speaking at schools, inspiring the next generation of rebels. I SO want to have coffee him and pick his brain.

Disney let Hughes be an extra in the movie, during the Halloween bash scenes. But what’s even cooler is the cast regularly promotes his second book featuring the band, Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up. Each actor and actress even reviewed the book on Youtube. Lucky guy! I seriously hope he’s raking in some fantastic royalties…

Now, to the music. The music is amaaazing. I’m not so sure if Hughes wrote any of the songs, but man oh man are they FUN. I regularly lip sync and jump around (code for poor dancing) to many of the tracks, including Breakthrough, And The Crowd Goes, Livin’ On A High Wire, She’s So Gone, and let’s not forget Determinate! Olivia and Wen are adorable together, and Stella is the girl I always wished I was in high school. Mo and her boyfriend Scott (note: guitarist of Mudslide Crush, NOT Lemonade Mouth) are awesome, and Charlie reminds me of an old high school pal of mine.

For this soundtrack-inspired art, I just went with the classic lemons. And I’ll have you know that I used organic lemons, in honor of Mel’s Organic Lemonade.

After viewing this diamond in the rough years ago, I have since watched many more of the newer Disney Channel Original Movies, and Geek Charming is the only one I could get through. It actually has a good cast – the guy and the girl are lovely together, I’ve always been a fan of film boys, and I’ve since become very fond of the name Dylan for a girl.

I need to list all my other favorite Disney Channel Original Movies, just so there is some paper trail with my name on it. In somewhat of an order: Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, Genius, Motocrossed, Brink!, Wish Upon a Star, Can of Worms, Susie Q, My Date with the President’s Daughter, Rip Girls, The Thirteenth Year, Johnny Tsunami, The Color of Friendship, Smart House, and The Paper Brigade.

Disney, if you are reading this, PLEASE release these aforementioned movies on DVD/Blu-Ray/Netflix/Amazon BEFORE the generation who loves them literally dies.

Yours truly,


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Goo Goo Dolls – Dizzy Up The Girl

The first band I ever truly cared for was Goo Goo Dolls. They also headlined my first true concert. Dizzy Up The Girl is a fantastic record, home to a variety of my favorites – Acoustic #3, Broadway, Dizzy, Slide, January Friend, Black Balloon, Iris – I could probably list all 13 songs, but I won’t.

One of my favorite live albums is the one where they played in Buffalo, their hometown, released in 2004. It rained during the set, and Johnny Rzeznik, Robby Takac and former drummer Mike Malinin were really cool about it all (and even came out with acoustic guitars during the downpour to play an incredible version of Two Days In February). In every piece I have ever seen them in – from documentaries on the band to that show where Rzeznik redesigned a fan’s living room – these three always seem to be genuinely nice.

I’d love to know the story behind the original artwork for Dizzy Up The Girl. Who is she, how did they choose her, is this really her room, ect. I love her dress, expression and the pink socks. In my version of this cover, the window is enlarged, the wallpaper is all wrong, my face isn’t pretty, the dress doesn’t have the cool bird pattern – it’s meant to look like a weird dream state, and I think it comes across.

Disclaimer: Every piece of music-inspired artwork on this site is an original new creation. I am not affiliated with nor do I own the rights to any of the Original music artwork that has inspired me to create the new artwork found on this site.

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AFI – Love Like Winter

Today I photographed smoke for the first time, and had a blast doing it. It only took a few camera clicks to achieve the result I was looking for. Another AFI-inspired image, this is me playing off the line “She exhales vanilla lace” from the song Love Like Winter.

At one of the AFI shows I’ve attended, my friend purchased a wicked awesome shirt with one of the band member’s faces on the front. “I TASTE OF BLOOD” was on the back. Me, I wound up buying a hoodie featuring the Decemberunderground rabbits. While I adore all animals, I’ve always found rabbits to be creepy, and I’m still amazed that I wore that thing as much as I did.

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