What I’m Currently Digging – March 1-3

breaking ice

A friend who reads this blog suggested I post about things I’m digging lately. The past few days I’ve finally come across some stuff worth posting. If that friend is reading this, I sincerely mean to write you back by the end of this weekend.

WHITEY – SEVEN EP – I’m on song 3, and already obsessing. The second track is called Dog and Wolf for crying out loud. Also Why is it that my favorite artists release all their tunes for free, and let you choose to pay? I paid. Talented people gotta eat, and (hopefully) make more tunes.

NOEL GALLAGHER’S HIGH FLYING BIRDS – CHASING YESTERDAY – I’m in for a lovely evening with this Oasis rockstar in a few months. I did a first run of the new album today, and starred a bunch of the tracks. One in particular, but I forget the name right now, is particularly haunting, and I can’t wait to turn it into some kind of photograph. Only one negative-ish-comment: Pretty much every song is lovey-dovey. I miss my Digsy’s Dinner days.

SIGNAL TREE – A local band working on a new release. I listened to some songs they have been working on a few days ago. And you know what? Tonight one of them randomly popped into my head, so I had to listen to it again. The singer’s voice is unlike anything out there, at least in my opinion, and the music that goes with it is rather intricate. They put Native American ties into the songs, which makes it have a neat story. More on these guys later.

I don’t have a relevant photo at the moment, so I slapped on an ancient picture of ice. Fitting for the current weather.

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Lemonade Mouth

I Love Lemonade Mouth

While no Disney Channel Original Movie can beat Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, the day I watched Lemonade Mouth, it instantly took 2nd place in the rankings, beating out a slew of favorites I’ve listed at the end.

The plot is believable, the music is killer, the main characters are the kind that mesh so well that you don’t mind that you have to keep track of 5, and I love lemonade. I listen to the soundtrack on a monthly basis and find myself gravitating towards the film whenever I want to throw on a show while crafting.

To put it flatly, before seeing this movie, I hadn’t been in love with anything Disney-related in a long time. If there’s any Lemonade Mouth merchandise when I visit Disney World this year, my bank account is totally screwed.

The fact that this film is an adaptation of a book written by Mark Peter Hughes might just be what makes it so awesome. On his Amazon account, Hughes retells the story of a Hollywood producer who called and said she was determined to make his book into a movie. His own website is a joy to explore. On it, Hughes posts fan art, reviews of his books, and answers questions from fans. He loves speaking at schools, inspiring the next generation of rebels. I SO want to have coffee him and pick his brain.

Disney let Hughes be an extra in the movie, during the Halloween bash scenes. But what’s even cooler is the cast regularly promotes his second book featuring the band, Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up. Each actor and actress even reviewed the book on Youtube. Lucky guy! I seriously hope he’s raking in some fantastic royalties…

Now, to the music. The music is amaaazing. I’m not so sure if Hughes wrote any of the songs, but man oh man are they FUN. I regularly lip sync and jump around (code for poor dancing) to many of the tracks, including Breakthrough, And The Crowd Goes, Livin’ On A High Wire, She’s So Gone, and let’s not forget Determinate! Olivia and Wen are adorable together, and Stella is the girl I always wished I was in high school. Mo and her boyfriend Scott (note: guitarist of Mudslide Crush, NOT Lemonade Mouth) are awesome, and Charlie reminds me of an old high school pal of mine.

For this soundtrack-inspired art, I just went with the classic lemons. And I’ll have you know that I used organic lemons, in honor of Mel’s Organic Lemonade.

After viewing this diamond in the rough years ago, I have since watched many more of the newer Disney Channel Original Movies, and Geek Charming is the only one I could get through. It actually has a good cast – the guy and the girl are lovely together, I’ve always been a fan of film boys, and I’ve since become very fond of the name Dylan for a girl.

I need to list all my other favorite Disney Channel Original Movies, just so there is some paper trail with my name on it. In somewhat of an order: Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, Genius, Motocrossed, Brink!, Wish Upon a Star, Can of Worms, Susie Q, My Date with the President’s Daughter, Rip Girls, The Thirteenth Year, Johnny Tsunami, The Color of Friendship, Smart House, and The Paper Brigade.

Disney, if you are reading this, PLEASE release these aforementioned movies on DVD/Blu-Ray/Netflix/Amazon BEFORE the generation who loves them literally dies.

Yours truly,


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Banana Art

educational banana pop art

I had fun with the banana for my Velvet Underground post, so I made some more art featuring bananas. I basically multiplied the bananas to make them look fun and free. The banana, minus the tomato, has always been my favorite fruit, and they are pretty much a super food. And they seriously float in water. If I ever find myself on a deserted island my first thought will be: I hope banana plants are a native species.

Some interesting facts about bananas, courtesy of the Chiquita Banana site:

a. Banana plants are the world’s largest perennial herb
b. Edible bananas are technically berries
c. Banana plant roots can live for hundreds of years
d. One banana is called a finger, and a bunch of bananas is called a hand
e. Once a man in India ate 81 bananas in a half hour
g. The Washington Banana Museum is a thing, let’s go!

Rubbing a mosquito bite with the inside of a banana can help reduce the itchiness. Just another reason why bananas are my top pick for this deserted island.

One other unique thing I found while researching this fruit: Bananas are said to be bad luck on fishing boats, a superstition that dates back to the 1700s. I chuckled at this, since they are one of the few fruits that can float. Can you imagine tossing something overboard that scared you, only to have it rise from the depths, follow and haunt you throughout the rest of your trip?

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