Battle Tapes – No Good

When Battle Tapes replies to a FB question: New song “No Good” from forth coming EP. and you’re just dancing around your tiny apartment endlessly to the 41 second sound bite teaser. FB needs an automatic repeat button.

—-April 5 Update – RELEASE on Baeble Music

——-April 6 Update – Actually released on official Battle Tapes Soundcloud! I FUCKING LOVE THIS TRACK

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We Fell To Earth – The Double

I had a strange day. And then I discovered this beautiful song.

I’ve been watching Gossip Girl reruns and came across this hidden gem. I’m really glad I’ve been craving a dose of Chuck and Blair because the feel of this song couldn’t have come at a better time.

We Fell To Earth is a rather enigmatic band. Their website lists many social media platforms, but doesn’t have a place to purchase the album that debuted in 2009. The Double is a track off it.

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Game of Bands

So today I’m on reddit, and I see this ad on the side for GameOfBands, reddit’s longest running songwriting competition. I click it and read the greeter post, and the steps involved, and all of the rules and regulations are novel long and I don’t see myself joining the club as a songwriter. But I fall in love with the very first track I click, Broken Walls by scottpontiac, skerry1 and abyssmalstar. The theme for Round 98 is Stolen, and it looks like all the lyrics and music transpired from other songs.

It’s not the best song in the world. It has parts cut together, sloppily woven riffs and I’ve heard much better mashups, but it’s good for a two week deadline. In fact, it’s incredible for a two week deadline. It’s the imperfections that make it so freaking good. The point is, it’s like stepping back into my Myspace days of Zero Star and finding bands and music and raw talent I never would have found any other way. That’s what it’s all about.

Today was a good day.

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