BRMC with The Duke Spirit (Frankie’s)

BRMC with The Duke Spirit – Live at Frankie’s, 4-17-2008

A few weeks ago, I went through all of the forgotten sound clips on my phone. My heart about stopped when I came upon a live recording of Fault Line from the first BRMC show I attended.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with The Duke Spirit at Frankie’s Inner City in Toledo, Ohio

If you’ve never been to Frankie’s, imagine a dark, dank bar with a small stage on one side – a venue that has character and one that the locals flock to. I was in the building for sound check, and I remember Liela Moss from The Duke Spirit practicing Dark Is Light Enough. She said she had a bit of a cold, but it sounded fantastic anyway.

The BRMC set was a low-lit, hazy affair. It was easy to see that the venue was full of people who truly loved the music. Fault Line is the only song I recorded, and while I’m lucky to have a recording at all, I really wish I had caught the first verse.

It was also on this night that I had my first kiss that actually mattered. It involved Blake and I sitting on a big desk at 4 a.m., doodling shapes on printer paper in the computer lab of our hotel. It was a whirlwind romance that quickly died and left me hollow.

Here are a bunch of photos I took while at this concert. I chose to not edit any of them so you can see the foggy, crowded darkness that was this show. A cool thing to notice: The posters on the wall. Exotic Birds, A Flock of Seagulls, Goo Goo Dolls, and The Smashing Pumpkins have all played here.

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