Battle Tapes – Solid Gold EP

Today Battle Tapes released a 5-track EP today of their amazing song Solid Gold, featuring Party Nails. Here are my thoughts on each remix.

  1. Solid Gold (feat. Party Nails) – The original, impressive, and all around stunning track that had me hooked upon first listen.
  2. Solid Gold (feat. Party Nails) Battle Tapes Remix 01 – There’s some really great guy/girl voice layering going on. The bridge is incredible, as is to be expected. This is probably my favorite remix of the 4. I’ve been listening to it on repeat for the past 30 minutes.
  3. Solid Gold (feat. Party Nails) Battle Tapes Remix 02 – The bass beats in this version will make you want to hail a cab and get your rave on. It’s like a dance party in your own head and I see so many movies being made in the future with the main character dancing to this piece of brilliant composing. Oh, and the bridge-y part starting at 1:50-ish is still nothing short of prodigious.
  4. Solid Gold (feat. Party Nails) Story of the Running Wolf Remix – Baby baby baby, Please please please. This remix utilizes many fun techno beats; I can totally see myself running to this. It’s dance party city, and the bells? at 2:22 just kill me and make me crave the winter holidays. This remix builds up in the bridge in a fantastic way… and then we are greeted with more bells! Instant adoration for something so smart and well done.
  5. Solid Gold (feat. Party Nails) The Beta Machine Remix – This remix takes Solid Gold to new rock ‘n’ roll heights with the music involved. It gives the track a completely different feel – the vocals mixed with the heavy instruments make the song almost feel angry – well maybe not angry, but definitely darker then the other versions. At around 2:32 the instruments go into what I can only describe as a spiral effect, and then from there on the instruments get even more weird and dark. And of course, the bridge is incredible. A great way to polish off a masterful EP.

Not to sound like the broken record I am, but the titles of each describes each track. Solid. Effing. Gold. All four remixes are beautiful in their own ways.

According to the Party Nails Instagram account, Solid Gold was featured in the latest episode of Girls. Congrats to all involved! And get ready to have your inboxes blown up, my number 3 and 4 top favorite bands of all time.

I’m waiting with anticipation to see which number of the limited 200 run of CDs I’ll get. I was 41/100 with the run of limited edition Polygon LPs. Eep!

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